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An LMS that brings life to your training

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Live Learning elearning

Live Learning

Through our Live Learning platform, the evolution of eLearning, you can fully emulate your face-to-face training in a virtual way. Trainers and participants will be able to access courses, answer surveys, interact through our videochat from anywhere in the world, share on social networks and much more.

A specialist at your side

Our Live Learning Specialists will accompany you from the first day in the conceptualization, creation, training and monitoring of your project.

Live Learning Customer Success
Live Learning Content

Content development

Do you have outdated content or directly never offered distance training? For 10 years we have been helping companies with the development of attractive and effective content for their training.

Global access

With our App Mobile your participants can follow the courses, interact in class, communicate in real time and access from the most remote places in the world. We built our solution to be used with very little bandwidth.

Report and analytical

Monitor the performance of your training with our data and analytics tool. Immediately access the information that allows you to make the best decisions to optimize the strategy of your project.

Integration and Customization

Monitor the performance of your training with our data and analytics tool. Immediately access the information that allows you to make the best decisions to optimize the strategy of your project.

Use Cases

  • It offers members of your organization information relevant to your work and creates courses to encourage professional growth. Get detailed reports of all training activities and offer certifications immediately.

    Easy to manage

    Live a stress-free experience. Create, edit, and publish courses; and manage your platform in a simple and agile way.

    Customized training

    Not everyone learns the same way. With Wormhole Campus you can create a segmented training path for each of the profiles of your organization.


    Quickly discover what's happening with training. Are they being effective? With our data and analytical tool you can obtain useful information for the management of your personnel.

  • Train all your sellers or distributors of products no matter where they are. Keep them motivated and updated to increase their productive time for business processes.

    Analysis, reports and statistics

    From our platform you can monitor the KPIs that affect your sales to make decisions based on real data.

    Global Access

    No matter where your sellers are, they will be able to access the platform as it is designed to be used even with a 3G connection.

    Motivated team

    Through Live Learning you can keep the live contact with your team constantly a click away.

  • Do you offer courses? Expand the scope of your training. Create your virtual academy at low cost, raise the levels of commitment of your students and the completion of the courses by replicating the experience of your classes face-to-face.

    Easy to manage

    You can create, edit, share, publish courses and manage the platform in a few minutes.

    E-Commerce Friendly

    Your customers can have a pleasant experience while browsing your virtual academy and access your course catalog with integrated e-commerce.

    Interactive Classes

    Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering online classes with lots of participation from your users through our interactive tools.

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