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    Wormhole Campus regular version includes:

  • 10
    Simultaneous courses

    You can create and have active up to 10 simultaneous courses per month. You can create the courses according to your needs.

  • 10

    You have up to 10 active teachers per month. You can distribute the teachers among the courses according to your needs.

  • 250

    You have up to 250 active students per month. You can distribute the students among the courses according to your needs.

  • 1GB
    Documents per course

    Each course has the ability to store up to 1GB of documents, recordings of classes and videos.

  • 1
    General Admin

    The system administrator is responsible for creating teachers, courses and students in the system.

  • Wormhole Classroom

    Include 10 virtual rooms with 3 audios and simultaneous videos with capacity until 250 students each.

  • Wormhole Auditorium

    You have 10 conference rooms for broadcast live events with capacity until 250 people in the room

  • Catalogue

    You can publish courses publicly so students can buy them online easily.

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  • Wormhole Classroom and Auditorium

    Each course will have a virtual room for live training, events and presentations.

  • Courses and Careers

    Administrators and / or teachers can create separate courses or group them into complete career paths. These may be guided and on particular dates, or self-study with free dates.

  • Correlative courses

    Both the content and the courses can be grouped into correlative. Thus, it is not possible to continue the course until you have completed the previous activity.

  • Media Library and Video Library

    The load of content is unlimited and the platform supports most popular file formats, which can be displayed on a computer or a mobile device without downloading them.

  • News

    Administrators can upload or import news via RSS and keep users informed.

  • Forums

    Teachers and students can share questions and ideas in the forums and keep in touch between classes.

  • Internal e-mails

    Teachers and students can exchange messages without knowing their emails.

  • Integration with Excel

    Import and export users, exams and reports in a simply way.

  • Management reports

    The activity in the courses is recorded and can be viewed or downloaded in pdf or excel to keep better track of the activities and each student.

  • Exams

    Teachers will assess students creating and reviewing test results later.

  • Certificates

    Once courses and exams are passed, the administrators and / or teachers may issue certificates.

  • Integrated catalogue

    You can publish your courses and career path so the students can pay them online.

  • Online payments for your courses

    Your courses may be paid through PayPal or Mercado Pago reducing your administrative costs.

  • Integration with Social Networks

    As part of the content or you can embed social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

  • In your language

    Wormhole Campus adapts different languages without complex translations.

  • Customizable

    Customize your account with the URL, logos, messages and colours of your organization.

  • SSL Security

    Use your own SSL certificates for securing your virtual academy.

  • Integration

    Use our API to integrate the platform with your internal management systems or websites.

  • Full recording

    Share them, go back to see your presentations with audio and check your chats.

  • Technical Support

    Support for the managers of the subscription by mail 24 hours a day and by telephone during office hours.

How does the free trial works? What do I need?

After creating your account, you can use the solution for 15 days free. We do not ask for credit cards or contracts. You can try it without any commitment

What happens at the end of the 15 day free trial?

When the free period has finished , you can easily hire and pay easily by credit card, bank deposit or Paypal, Mercado Pago or other payment method.

How will I be charged? Can I get discount for my subscription?

You choose. You can pay monthly, , as you use it, or if you want a discount you can opt for plans quarterly, semiannual or annual.